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Your website remains at the very core of your online presence and provides the site visitor with a tangible understanding of who you are and what you do and should provide your customer with the most comprehensive understanding of what you are about.

Social media and third party sites have their place; your website however is still the most important part of the online mix for any business.

All of our affordable, business website packages have been designed with more than almost two decades of website development experience and each one is tailored and personalised to the specific needs of individual businesses. 

Easy to manage 

"Build it and they will come." Well, in truth that has never worked for any website. Building a site and simply leaving it to be found has never been a great idea and it is even less so now. All of our sites are powered by Claymore CMS, a content management solution that has been developed over the past decade to make it easy for anyone to build and maintain their digital presence. 

Adding pages, images, text and documents doesn’t get easier and if you get stuck we are here to help with personal account management support.

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Attractive Design

We have an ever increasing portfoliio of Claymore Themes and Views for 2017– our website designs offer a range of styles and structures all powered and easily managed by our own Content Management Solution.

Our web designs have been designed with the smaller operator in mind and allow the user greater control of site and page content than ever before with easy to manage tools.

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Mobile Ready

With the ever increasing use of mobile devices it is essential that your site works on the go on whatever device and whatever operating system the user prefers.

All Claymore Sites are fully responsive for use on mobile devices and tablets as standard and when required businesses can even develop and manage mobile specific content.

New web apps are one their way too.

Build your site

Affordable and Flexible Pricing

Our popular payment option includes a low cost set up fee followed by an ongoing monthly direct debit with no contract tying you in. The ongoing monthly contract ensures that your website stays future proof with upgrading of software and systems and continuous account management support.

It helps spread your online marketing investment evenly through the year – and you’ll be offered a free change of design every 24 months. Simply purchase the level that suits you best and add bolt-ons and functions when you need them.

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Reliable Support and Account Management

There are plenty of “Free Website” offers available but we still believe that most business owners need their website and digital strategy supported. Account management is one of the most important services we provide to our clients - quick call on improving a promotion or setting up an email marketing campaign to improving site conversion and direct bookings. That's what we do.

Our understanding of what makes a digital marketing presence work ensures that the cogs of your website will keep turning whatever the future may bring. 

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