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The next few years could actually be even more challenging than the last few! There's a sobering thought...

The pricing for Claymore Sites, Rooms and Places has followed a similar pattern for the past couple of years with no increases on the overall pricing but some changes on how we work with our clients and this can now be seen in our Website as a Service strategy where we now charge a reduced set up fee and thereafter an affordable monthyl direct debit dependant on the services required.

Set Up Fees

All of our products (Claymore Sites, Claymore Rooms and Claymore Places) all feature three standard website packages basically a small, medium and large and each have a differnet set up fee applied to them and start from as little as £240 plus VAT.

The set up fee allows for the set up of the site, the design and tailoring of the preferred theme, incorproation of third party apps such as booking engines or ecommernce stores. It also includes editing and advice on your opening content, site map, imagery anbd galleries and add ons such as your presence on Google My Business and Social Media. The set up fee ensures that your business website gets the right start and you are not left floundering wondering what the next step is for your online strategy.

Set up fees are invoiced at the time of inital contract and are payable in advance of work commencing

Monthly Service Fees

Software as a Service has sneaked in all over th place - where you pay for your software on a monthly basis with free upgrades and improvements included in the monthly fee - phones, apps, Office applications - Claymroe CMS has adopted a similar approach with website design.

Claymore CMS is a constantly evvolving and developing piece of softwre design for hospitlaity and small businesses and the changes are continuosuly applied and to ensure that we can continue to improve the services we laucnched our monthyl Website as a Service pricing last year. 

The Payment Plan is best explained as paying part for the past development and design services, part for the here and now and part for the future. It ensures that you can keep your webiste and digital strategy up to date without spikes in your expenditure - no need to ever again say that  we can';t afford to update the website now.

As far as possible we are future proofing your online presence.

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