Concierge Plus

Concierge: A universally recognised concept where guests trust the person at the front desk or reception to provide information, solve their problems, give them personalised advice and offer unbiased recommendations.

Well, we would like to introduce you to your own personal digital help desk for your guests – welcome to our new mobile app Concierge Plus.

Of course you want to give your guest the very best advice and who knows the area better than you and your team? Those brochures are great, so is the map and the telephone numbers but now you can put all of that straight into your guests’ mobile device.

Select the places you wish to recommend from your own PC – attractions, golf courses, beaches, retail, pubs or restaurants – and they will automatically feature on your app. 

Your guest will see your recommendations complete with routes, contact numbers, images, description and more.

How impressed are your guests going to be?

Concierge Plus is a web app solution designed to offer the same functions via a guests mobile device offering hospitality businesses the capability of providing their own guests recommendations for their stay via curated content drawn down from our own Enterprise Level Content Management System, Claymore, which already powers more than 200 hospitality websites and gathers content from many more businesses for curation.

The main concept is about promoting the strength of Curated Content over Aggregated Content – that is to say providing the guest with selective information based on personal experiences rather than trying to decipher who may have given an attraction or restaurant or pub five stars (and why) in those well-known content aggregated Apps.

How it Works

The Concierge Plus App requires to be downloaded only once – not for every different property – the guest then activates your business’ Concierge Desk from the choices screen. Check in to the Edinburgh city centre hotel and get the Concierge Desk from that hotel; move to a B&B in North Berwick - or Paris - the next night and switch to a new Concierge Desk with local information.

Concierge Plus offers even the smallest operator with a cost effective Web App based solution for guest information being able to provide maps, directions, touch contact buttons and the App can be scalable in terms of content with businesses simply upgrading the number of recommendations they wish to list and move to a higher monthly subscription model.

Easy Content Management of Your Concierge Desk

Concierge Plus has been built around the Claymore CMS and this ensures that the curation of information is simple and easy to manage. 
If a business already has their data in the system it will draw through automatically populating their own page with content, images, Google map, contacts and Book Now functions – and more if required. 

If a business you wish to recommend is not already registered (and it is free to be listed) they are contacted by ourselves and invited to join with the explanation that you wish to feature them as a recommendation to their guests. We will have their information available for you to feature normally within 24 hours.

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