Facebook add Call Now button to Business Pages


You may have noticed that Facebook have added a Call Now button onto your business page. It doesn't seem to be universally rolled out amongst all of our clients so if you don't have it already it's sure to be on its way.

Just keeping logging in and make sure it sits beside your Book Now call to action that is already in place.

(Might as well test that link too and make sure that your Book Now button takes you straight to your booking page not just your homepage!)

Nothing much to the call now, but you need to ensure that your details are correct and that the phone is being directed to where it should be and not to some unfortunate in the accounts office getting a thousand calls on your three night spring offer!

You can Edit the Call Now and make it something more personal if you wish but you'll need to play around with the

It's probably more relevant and certainly prevalent on mobile as that's where it's most likely to be used. The call now sits prominent under the main graphic so may actually generate some direct calls - probably worth highlighting in your social media and links.

Take five minutes to update now.

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